Opal Petroleum Partners LLC

Independent E&P: U.S. oil and gas company with production and drilling operations active in Texas, Louisiana and Kentucky. We recently completed in drilling a 6,900’ meter high temp high pressure well in Louisiana. Deepened two 700 meter wells in Eastern Kentucky and completed a 12 well drilling package of 1,000 meter wells in Western Kentucky.. We have legacy production in the Permian basin via ownership in five Sprayberry formation wells.

Natural Gas & Petroleum Products Distribution: We have supply and distribution contracts in place to market natural as from the US to Mexico as well as Interstate and Intrastate. The portfolio of contracts are managed on a daily basis to ensure a reliable steady state supply.

Opal Military Grade “SafeHouse” camps: Many of our clients and partners work in frontier exploration efforts. These locations require us work in areas of the world that are often considered hostile. To address that concern for ourselves and partners we have teamed up with a US military subcontractor which is one of two (2) approved to design and manufacturer Safe Houses for the department of State. These can be a standalone cargo type structures or configured to support an entire base camp. The SafeHouse is equipped to protect against the level of threat in a given area such as AK-47 or as higher and is compete with SAT telephones, air filtration, toilets and bunkbeds.