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Online Equity Crowdfunding Platform allowing people to easily make direct investments into energy projects, companies and operations.


We have direct access to funding for E&P projects through our ownership in EnergyFunders, a Crowdfunding “FinTech” platform, to fund E&P. We funded 5 projects in our first year and now have and created accredited investor base of 1800 high net worth individuals along with ~150 small independent oil companies. While we are still growing the U.S. entity with the target of funding two projects per month.  We are opening this portal up to Mexico and India for private investments in US projects.
Invest in Oil with Energy Funders, LLC


EnergyFunders is what modern investors and entrepreneurs would refer to as disruptive. In 2013, Energy Funders was born, which revolutionized the way oil well operators would seek investments, while creating new possibilities for investors to participate in opportunities that very few people ever had access to. What was once reserved for the elite 1%, can now be accessed by any investor.

Investment Diversification

What once required minimum investments of hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars to invest, now can be easily diversified into multiple oil wells with crowdfunding technology. With as little as $5,000, any accredited investor can participate in opportunities with HUGE earning potential for years to come.

Amazing Tax Benefits

Deduct up to 100% of Intangible Drilling Costs in the first year! The fact is that oil and gas investments provide some of the most advantageous tax benefits available in today’s market. Energy Funders encourages their members to always invest smartly to relieve tax burdens, while making highly lucrative investment decisions.

Vetted and Transparent Investments

Trust and verify: Before any project is accepted, our research team does extensive due diligence, and all data is available to you. The EnergyFunders team is comprised of highly experienced experts who are there to protect you from making a bad investment. Every investment opportunity is thoroughly vetted.