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Four Horses LLC

Four Horses, LLC is an independent energy company engaged in asset acquisition, development, exploration and exploitation of petroleum products in addition to moving into the clean energy sector. Our goal is to provide energy industry experience and expertise to emerging  companies and markets. We continuously strive to build a world-class company with strong commitment to safety, environmentally compliant operations. Four Horses’ innovative ideas to grow long-term value based on our experienced team and ability to tap capital markets combine to create a durable and sustainable competitive edge in this dynamic environment.

Four Horses is committed to creating value across the energy spectrum wile recognizing there is no “Planet B”. We leverage our expertise by applying creative innovative solutions to old paradigms.

Our team has over 150 total years of experience covering all aspects of domestic and international exploration & production, providing us with an intimate knowledge from a 360-degree perspective. Simply put, we have done it all!

We have operated domestic and international turnkey operations with drilling teams comprised of expert engineers, geologist, purchasing and transportation professionals. Our team has initiated and completed new venture projects on 5 continents with work scopes ranging from frontier exploration & development to converting existing antiquated Chinese and Russian systems, processes, and procedures to current up-to-date technology methods.

We use an integrated approach on project development simply because it works. Each member of our team was originally recruited and trained by major oil operators and service companies which laid an excellent core foundation. Although we are well versed in a variety of technologies, our goal is to be creative using standard technology, and NOT be creative by using untested products that could have unforeseen negative effects on the project. In other words, “we want to be on the leading edge, not the bleeding edge”.

Four Horses strategic objective is to enhance our long-term Energy Portfolio by partnering with like-minded companies. We leverage our experience and successful track record to gain an equity stake in oil & gas production as well has renewable, clean energy.  www.FourHorsesllc.com
Other businesses Four Horses participates in and has equity interest in are as follows: